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Sleepless Nights


Lexi Belle.unbelievably sexy.

That moment when you’re walking down the street texting and look up to see Lexi Belle standing in front of you 😳😁
Ugghh god I need a permanent vacation

Crackhead challenged me my quarter vs his dollar that I couldn’t throw the quarter in a cup from the street. I made it first try and tried to not take it but he insisted. Other crackhead saw this and asked if I wanted to by 4 cigarettes. I said I didn’t smoke but he said please so I bought them. Old lady saw it, asked if she could bum a smoke so I gave her the 4. She split them with her friend.

This dude was playing the bass and screaming at the top of his lungs “I am the greatest person in the universe!” I concur. #DTLA
At night…